The Second Party audits will evaluate an organization’s suppliers are capable to deliver products and services as offered.  Our Qualified Auditors shall assess the level of preparedness, competency and systems the vendor(s) demonstrate. The Second Party audits will help the organization to determine the Vendor capabilities.


✔ Vendor Commitment
✔ Facilities and Quality of products and services
✔ Resource competency
✔ Legal Compliance System at Vendor facility/ Business
✔ Operational efficiency and Processes effectiveness

✔ Technologies and its influence
✔ Product/ Process recall mechanism
✔ Processes and Quality Assurance methods
✔ Improve operational efficiency and customer service

How we can collaborate?

Out team of competent personnel having experience on second party and third party audits for past 12 years will be able to evaluate Vendor capabilities to deliver products and services to our clients efficiently accomplishing business goals. We will be submitting an assessment report based on the focus area suggested by the Organization (client). The Auditors will recommend, measures for Vendor Performance Imporvement & Readiness.