The internationally recognized business continuity management system (ISO 22301:2012) standard helps you to understand and prioritise business risks of your organization with effective control mechanisms and PLAN B.  This standard focuses on the continual improvement of your business through the PDCA model.

BCMS provides a proficient way of maintaining security, assuring business continuity, ensuring corporate governance and compliance, protecting organizations image and reputation, as well as  creating an ambulance of confidence  with employers, suppliers, outsourced service providers, stakeholders and customers.

How the organizations get benefited?

✔ BCM will bring your business a bunch of benefits,including:
✔ Understanding and minimizing the risks of challenges & unexpected disruptions
✔ Planning for disasters and business continuity events
✔ Raise awareness of business continuity requirements
✔ Identifying leadership and responsibilities
✔ Demonstrating your commitment to excellence
✔ Protecting your employee safety and moral, corporate and brand image
✔ Open your business to new global market opportunities

How we can collaborate?

✔ Provide Business Continuity Management program support through internal audit
✔ Develop an understanding of your organization, using formalized system when appropriate
✔ Assess the efficiency of existing Business risks & Continuity Management programs
✔ Support your organization in implementing business continuity options that are aligned to your business strategy
✔ Prepare policies and procedure related to business continuity processes in the organization
✔ Assisting you in better understanding your current risk environment from a business continuity viewpoint
✔ Reviewing critical business processes and compute the impact that loss of   these can have on your business