ISO 39001 specifies requirements for a Road Traffic Safety Management System. It enables an organization that interacts with road traffic system, to reduce death and serious injuries related to road traffic accidents. This standard is applicable to public and private organizations that interact with road traffic system. ISO 39001 is created to have a substantial impact on the future of traffic safety and increase the awareness of speed, vehicle and driver condition. Concerning the social role, ISO 39001 certification brings security benefits for the whole society.

How it benefits?

✔ Improves company’s brand value and image
✔ Promote safety, reduce injuries and save lives
✔ Reduces safety measure costs
✔ Creates a sustainable business structure
✔ Safe and effective transportation
✔ Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility
✔ Improve RTS performance
✔ Ensures quality, safety and reliability
✔ Alignment of regulatory laws
✔ Reduce insurance premiums and staff absence
✔ Cost reduction on vehicles
✔ Competitive advantage toward your competitors
✔ Establish, implement and maintain an RTSM System

How we can collaborate?

✔ Gap Analysis
✔ Process feasibility study and report to management
✔ System design & implementation
✔ Documentation based on ISO 39001: 2012
✔ Internal Audit & Management Review