ISO/IEC 17020 certification is a globally recognized standard used for inspection bodies and their accreditation bodies along with various different entities concerned with recognition of inspection bodies’ competence levels. The standard provides a set of criteria for various inspection bodies to help implement an effective and accredited Management System.

How it benefits?

✔ Enhances quality inspection
✔ Reduce operational costs
✔ Increased confidence in inspection data and of personnel performing work
✔ Boost competitiveness and market access
✔ Greater control of processes and activities
✔ Increase customers’ trust
✔ Reduced customer complaints
✔ Gain official recognition and proof of conformity to international standards
✔ Reduced penalty in case of disputes
✔ Meeting the accreditation requirements
✔ Worldwide recognition and Credibility
✔ Provide guidelines and better control for maintenance of equipment, preservation of inspection records, etc.
✔ Compatible with other management systems standards

How we can collaborate?

✔ Coordinate with accreditation body
✔ Gap Analysis
✔ Conduct Training
✔ Documentation based on ISO 17020:2012
✔ System design and implementation
✔ Process feasibility study and report to management
✔ Internal Audit
✔ Management Review
✔ Successful ISO/IEC 17020 accreditation
✔ Continual improvement of the system through value added consulting services