IBEXPRO is a web enabled application making HSE management much easier for organizations, complying with HSE standard requirements (ISO 14001 & ISO 45001). With IBEXPRO every organization will be able to face challenges associated with Health, Safety and Environment systems that are potential in nature. This application will support effective tracking of every aspect of HSE requirements including compliance obligations.


✔ Risk Management
✔ Auditing
✔ Incident Reporting
✔ Corrective Actions
✔ Compliance Obligations
✔ Document Management
✔ HSE Objectives & Targets
✔ Emergency Management
✔ Site Visit Report
✔ HSE Communication
✔ Contractor Management
✔ Work Permits
✔ Context of the organization
✔ MIS Report

How it benefits?

✔ Centralized software to manage health, safety and environment systems
✔ Effective implementation of risk management
✔ Compliance obligations can be monitored at finger tips
✔ Easy communication of HSE events
✔ Manage incidents with better tracking of corrective actions
✔ Plan your emergency drills and report every exercise on ibexpro
✔ Set continual improvement plans and monitor status online
✔ Better document management, one single source of document(s) tracking
✔ Report first aid cases and trace for actions taken
✔ Accountability is set on each process & tasks, making ibexpro one window for effective HSE implementation